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Every year, countless hours and significant resources are lost because of poorly written code. Martin has teamed up with his colleagues from Object Mentor to distill their best agile practice of cleaning code "on the fly" into a book that will instill within you the values of a software craftsman and make you a better programmer--but only if you work at it. More importantly, you will be challenged to reassess your professional values and your commitment to your craft. The first describes the principles, patterns, and practices of writing clean code.The second part consists of several case studies of increasing complexity.All anyone wants to do is keep inspecting and then they become silent.After the last meeting, they were supposed to send an updated issues sheet (I have a detailed spreadsheet dating back to 2014 that lists all the construction issues along with each response as it went from WCI, WCI’s inside legal, WCI’s outside legal and now Lennar), but have not received that or a response.“My life was about dating pretty girls and showing everyone I can enjoy the pleasures of dating a pretty girl,” he told the Sunday Times.But a friend “noticed that I was dating all these pretty girls, but that I didn’t necessarily like them”. In addition, Mc Kenna told The Observer that when he has a ‘rich’ moment, he texts his friend Ryan Seacrest the acronym ‘LTD’, or ‘living the dream’.I have frequent rashes, bloody noses, sinus infections, hair that falls out and is bloody at the root, etc. I rarely took antibiotics before I moved here and now it’s at a point where I shouldn’t take anymore.Mosquitos have infested the place (as you can see in the videos, people are bitten to a point of welts and rashes). We had a Lennar home built in Texas and they left our drains open slightly, leading to about 8 years of toxic mold exposure.

Then I looked around and realized that just in my vicinity of 17 houses, there have been SIXTEEN turnovers in just four years. I’ve had dozens of inspections since the first month I moved in.

There are no signs of rusting or corroding outside of the fans or appliances.

Water intrusion has happened and they determined it was improperly installed roof flashing as well as A/C units that have flooded and caused mold because they weren’t installed correctly. I’ve had over two dozen air conditioner malfunctions in just over four years. More importantly, my quality of life and work have greatly diminished as I work out of my home.

Each case study is an exercise in cleaning up code--of transforming a code base that has some problems into one that is sound and efficient.

The third part is the payoff: a single chapter containing a list of heuristics and "smells" gathered while creating the case studies.

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